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Friends, we must respect those who went before us, but understand that often they had incomplete knowledge.  Today not only are we infected and affected by their incomplete knowledge, but by way of reference we are lead astray on mystery tangents and weird pursuits.

A classic modern "myth" that is rather easily addressed in the drawing set that follows demonstrates the high level of ignorance and imagination that creates confusion concerning the Great Pyramid.  Look at the drawing that follows.  This drawing is from the mid/late 1800's.  At that time the explorers of the Great Pyramid knew the "air channels" were not straight, crooked, or bent.  LOOK at that drawing!  As we have seen since the introduction of this drawing over 130 years ago people have stated that these tubes were for celestial observations, star watching, etc.  Are you kidding?  NO!  Modern academics or "pseudo-scientists" have been lying to us about a wide host of issues concerning the Great Pyramid.  As you read through our book series you will see that we "flesh out" the folklore, myth and legend in a CSI-type, "Myth-busting" type fashion.  As we analytically address the myth, legend and lies, we will leave you with a foundation built on a rock of truth.

Look at the drawing above which likely comes from Edgar's studies in the mid-1800's.  Notice his sketch of the "Niche".  Compare it to the tiers and rock strakes adjacent to the niche.  I will now dispel some myth, and tell you precisely what this is.  Let's address a few mythical ideas.

Many assume this "niche" is a "portico" of some kind for a "statue" or something. Meanwhile, that myth creates a couple of issues on its own.  First issue is that if this was for a statue, there is no way to get a statue IN or OUT of this room that would fit that space.............Second, the Great Pyramid was found completely sealed and EMPTY when the original "archaeologists" broke into it.  So if there was NOTHING in the pyramid then the "portico" idea is pretty weak...........Since we learn in Ted Whidden

's book that NEVER EVER in the history of the world has ANYONE ever found a pharaoh, pharaoh mummy, or pharaoh remains in ANY pyramid in Egypt we find the "Queen's Chamber" reference is a misnomer (and a bit of a hoax).  Often in order to share the truth we have to shake the foundations of the illusion you hold on to as truth.  Again, I repeat, as of November 2007 there has NEVER been any proof that pyramids were tombs.  In fact, by looking at the evidence in hindsight we can prove they were NOT tombs based on the evidence.  One problem is that since there is so much deception in the "Pseudo-sciences" involved in pyramid studies we can expect someone to "plant" a body/mummy or something in a tomb in order to support the myth.  Wouldn't it seem odd that one has not been discovered yet?  If one is discovered, understand the persons involved in the discovery are most likely perpetrating a fraud.  Mark them before they show up.  They are liars and illusionists.

Okay! Off the soap box!  Let's look at a simple set of very old photos that have been around for 100 or so years.  Amazingly, all this information is so old, but the modern illusionists jerk us around with their dishonesty.  A problem is that "academia" no longer deals in "truth".  They often deal in "findings", "assertions", and "assumptions".  My Teacher says know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.  Let's insert truth back into ancient Egypt. 

Look at the "niche" in this old photo (above).  Let's make some simple observations.  The largest (lowest) section of the niche just happens to be about the same size as the passageway to the left.  Simple, but true.  What we will notice is the size of each level of the "niche" corresponds nearly perfectly with the size of the rocks in the next highest tier.  This is consistent tier on tier throughout.  Hold it!  A consistent trend, yet no one caught it?  YES!  Interestingly the top of the niche is about 20.3 inches (MOL) wide and 41 inches (MOL) deep.  By studying the top of the niche and the bottom with this in mind we determine precisely what the niche is for.  No more speculation, no more wasting of grant money in investigating it.  DO THE MATH!

As we have seen in Ted Whidden

's world famous "Pyramid Text" series the lime rock locally quarried at Giza and used as filler in the pyramid has a density of about twice that of water.  This being the case in order to lift a stone of locally quarried lime rock with "zero" weight it takes twice as much volume of water as the volume of lime rock...............THIS is the reason the top space in the "niche" is twice as deep as it is wide.  A simple 20 inch by 20 inch lime rock stone lift system as described in the Solomon Series books requires a 20 inch by 40 inch "piston".  Get the book!  It is not spooky and mystical.  It is analytical and accurate.

TED!  Are you telling us this is a "hydraulic jack"?  YES!  Look at the gentlemen in the picture above.  They appear to have entered into the erroneously labeled "Queen's Chamber".  They were of the incorrect mindset thinking "tomb" so they entered from the left, and then found a sealed EMPTY room with a niche just inside to the left.  Not understanding pyramid theory they broke past the back wall of the niche itself.  They began destructive testing that has misled mankind for 100 or more years................Let's back up.........When they entered the space what they found was a "niche" that was a bit like a "fireplace" with no front/face.  The back was stone tiers sealed just like all the other stones in the room.  Since no one understood how pyramids were built prior to Ted Whidden

's book, they began breaking things up.  They broke out the "back wall" of the niche thinking that it was a doorway, when in fact it was not.

As they broke through they dug and dug through loose filler, debris, etc until they realized their original assumptions were incorrect.  Meanwhile, they had corrupted much of the evidence of truth, being deceived by their pre-conceived notions...........Please understand the cavern/cave dug into the mass of the pyramid structure is/was done by EXPLORERS, not by the builders! 

The only way digging was possible was because of the sloppy fill work and debris behind the back wall.  This would not have been possible or probable if the pyramid was nicely fitted stone.  Much of the pyramid is sloppy filler, but the part you see is a nice covering.  The pyramid in some ways was like building a house/wall structure then "blowing in" insulation.  The interim parts are not nearly as specific as people lead you to believe.  That is mystic hooey.  There are lots of imperfectly fitted stones and very few well fitted stones..........As we show you time and again in our books, photos, and proofs, most of our pre-conceived notions in ancient Egypt could be based on shifting sands.................

LOOK AGAIN at the photo above.  Where are the "rocks"?  All we see is filler, dirt, etc.  There were not rocks, but rather debris, otherwise they would have likely kept digging in search the treasures that have never been found in ANY pyramid!  Pyramids are empty and ugly.  No pharaoh has ever been discovered in one........King TUT was almost 400 miles away.  It is illusion and deception that keeps people ignorant.

Here is the funny part............If you look at the pyramid seeking something spooky and spiritual then you and the entire world can be lead around by a lie.  Can you see it?  Anticipation and poor research has the entire world confused!!  Isn't this funny!  No one knows the answers to simple questions, and no one knows that no one knows!..................Did you realize the "niche" did not have a "floor"?  This is CRITICAL to understanding the niche!..................................Since many of the tombs had what appeared to be a "pit" between the entrance and the tomb, the early explorers assumed the pit (floor) of the niche was a "snake pit" or something to protect whatever was behind the wall.  What they failed to understand is that a water driven hydraulic lift would require a cylinder UNDER the lift mechanism to orchestrate a lift!!  ha! HA!  Do not make this complicated.  Think of an "ice-cube" in a glass of water.  Push it down, and it returns.  Now think of a piece of wood in water.  Same thing...........NOW think about a square chamber in the floor the size of the lowest section of the niche.  Imagine a hole as deep or nearly as deep as the "niche" is tall.  NOW, once you create the hole/box/cylinder in the base structure fill it with a "piston" made up of pieces of wood.  Make a large wooden "block" that fits perfectly in the hole.  Now when you are moving rocks into the room you would simply move a rock into the room, position it onto the wooden plug/piston and fill the space/cylinder with water.  The water chamber being twice as deep as it is wide would lift a stone for you, very simply.  IT IS A HYDRAULIC JACKING SYSTEM!

The water in the cylinder would remain in the cylinder and one could simply push the "piston" down, load a rock, and then release it for the "lift/assistance".  What we see is each "sectional width" of the niche nearly perfectly matches the height of the rock tier immediately above it.  We would expect this in a water lift system of this design, because each throw of the piston only fulfilled the lifts of the tier immediately above..................Further to this, a water lift design has been employed throughout the pyramid.  We have one on the outside (See the Whidden Cavity), and we have one above this section (See the Portocullis).  We see this design and use is consistent from top to bottom of the structure.  It is more fully described in our eBooks.

We can expect the lift capability of a buoyancy driven system to diminish the farther one gets above the water plane.  Since the effect of buoyancy above the water plane has to lift both the rock and the piston, the ability to lift dwindles the higher we go, precisely at the rate we see employed in this lift mechanism!  The rock structure staggered inward at each progressive level fits perfectly with the hydraulic requirements and density comparisons of a water driven lift system.  We know precisely the size of the lift at each interval, because each section lifted the next rock tier above.  The mathematics works perfectly.

We now know what the "niche" is in the Queen's Chamber.

IT IS A TOOL!  Everything found in the pyramid is a TOOL to get a job done.  Since there is/was never any spiritual remains in this rock pile (pyramid), virtually everything we have been told in the past is based on hoax and illusion.  Get our book series.  We tell you precisely how and why the Great Pyramid was built, and will identify the Sphinx and many of the structures at Giza, fulfilling words from a friend (Isaiah 19) written/spoken long ago.


Above is an old photo taken after the damage/destruction of the photo above.  Notice this is an ugly old space.  The "tunnel" dug through the back wall was the work of destructionists who did not know what they were looking at.  Notice the hole itself is just about the same size as the tier (opening) above it in the niche.  This is a normal pattern in a water lift/hydraulic lift system.  The lower space of the niche is "two tiers" high, making the cave at a normal mechanical "break"......Notice the "floor" of the niche is dirt, not rock.  It was filled in by the destructionists, and their ignorance filled a space that held the answer to the question what the niche really was.........Look at the left hand side of the niche along the floor.  Notice the side wall of the niche at floor level shows an unbroken line coming into the room.  As we can see the original "hole" is approximately twice as "thick" (front to back) as the opening in the stone.  This 2:1 ratio will replicate itself multiple times throughout the Pyramid Complex.  This is a basic design used on virtually every building project in Egypt.............Isn't it amazing that no one knew this before now?  What else is Ted going to show us?  I understand he shows five or more "styles" and evidences of this design in his book, drawings, etc.  Amazing, but true.  The truth will indeed set you free. 

Have you ever seen the old "spooky" movies where they open an old cave, crypt, or something like that?  Have you ever heard of the "curse" of the mummy?  In part that comes from this space we call the "Queen's Chamber"............You are aware there was no queen right?  No burial, right? 

Are you aware that pharaoh NEVER came here right?  THINK PEOPLE!  If the pharaoh was a "god", and in this period they believed that he was, then he did not need a tomb!  Only modern man thinks these are/were tombs.  Ancient man never thought that, because pharaoh never died.  Meanwhile, if pharaoh did want people to think he was a "god", then he would never walk around in public at a construction site.  Imagine if he broke a "sweat", or a fly(Bug) landed on him, or he slipped and fell down.  What if he tripped on a rock, or something.  He would look human and flawed.  He COULD NOT come to this place, or risk being exposed as a fraud!  Imagine the fraud that can be exposed in a place like this...........Truth, my friend.  Seek ultimate truth.

Anyway, the spooky reference to dust and mummy curses in some ways comes from the "Queen's Chamber".  (In part it comes from one of Howard Carter's discoveries where many people apparently died soon thereafter.  Malaria? Mold? Many things, but not a curse.) When the "explorers" broke into the chamber there was a black dust that came out and landed on everyone in the structure.  Many got sick, and since then all have died.  (Of course it was a long time ago.)  Now, many illusionists have tried to make us think the "black dust" was soot from a fire.  In so doing some hucksters have even tried to simulate (or sucker money for the simulation) of a furnace of some type.  Understand if you started a big fire in here you could not ever bring fuel to it because the smoke would overwhelm you, ALSO you could never get enough air to it to sustain combustion, AND there was NEVER any significant amounts of soot or lamp black in the pyramid.  Fire in large amounts in this structure is part of a hoax.  Label the dishonest and deceitful and be aware of their integrity or lack thereof................Meanwhile, analysis of the black dust indicated that it was an over-abundance of dead bug remains dried in the space for thousands of years.  The presence of bugs in a sealed space should point a reasonable person to only one place...........LOOK FOR WATER!!  Now if a real scientist or level headed individual had ever looked at this with a little common sense they would have looked for WATER, and water evidence is found throughout the structure in abundance.  Get the world famous expose on the Great Pyramid, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, by Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden.

While we are here, let's kill some myth, and kill it quick.  Here we see a drawing/sketch from the "Smythe" team in the mid-1800's.  Look at the drawing closely.  We see the tier strakes match perfectly with the explanation above.  We see the floor at the space and in front of the niche is soft dirt.  We see tier-on-tier the style of lift, and the associated rock layers match nearly perfectly.  When we overlay a "model" of the "Smythe" drawing on a model of the models of Sir William Petries, we see the rock tier correspondence by mathematical (engineering) relationship places the "niche" at the most ideal place to lift the stones at this specific area.  There is no better place in the entire structure for this specific design for lifting stones, than precisely where it is............Does this mean they were perfect builders? NO!  This means they used what they had, and when it was all said and done it would look perfect because the builder was bound by the limitations of his tool set...............We forget this pyramid is just a pile of stone, and we would use our large rock inventory first, then our small inventory.  As we finished a space filling it in, we would consume all our waste, all our mistakes, and cover it over.  4000+ years after it was built it would appear perfect because all the mistakes would be "hidden" behind stone walls.  The stone limitation of lift tools would capture our ability, and in order to move large volumes of stone we would need similar sizes so we would not have to keep adjusting our tools. 

Look at the drawings.  Look at the pictures.  Look at the description.  Is this complicated?  If it is consult with someone else and get their opinion.  Why not do that anyway?  Why not tell people the pyramid has been explained, and the mystery is being resolved.  The guy who did it is not even bright enough to charge money for the solution.  He is giving it away for free to anyone in the world who wants it.   Go to www.SolomonSeries.com and download all of our tools.

Volume One of the text series explains how and why the Great Pyramid was built in simple terms.

Volume Two takes a CSI-type forensic look at the evidence on the site to prove much of what was stated in plain language in volume One.

Volume Three recaps some of what we have learned in Volume One and Two, then takes us into a future application for ancient technologies revealed in this discovery.

Volume FIVE actually turns its attention to the Sphinx and identifies the real person whose face is seen on the structure, and even reveals how/where to find one of the "mannequins" for the carving.

Other volumes are being developed to address reader questions so that all questions about the Great Pyramid and Giza will be resolved.  Please do us a favor.  Tell your friends.  We do serious research and release it for free.  We need those in the world who appreciate the truth to help us spread the word.  As you will see my dear friend Isaiah in chapter 19 tells of this project.  Never overlook the impact you can make on this and other historical issues.

Soon the world will see the truth in this chamber as never before!  You can't wait?  Well get the eBooks and get started.  We will keep our readers informed.  By the end of November we should have new drawings revealing some REALLY cool things about this space.  Send me an e-mail at and/or join our "Wisdom Team" for updates.

Go NOW to Our Orders Page www.SolomonSeries.com and get started on the path of truth.

A host of PDF drawings are being made available to the world at www.SolomonSeries.com/freedownloads.htm Go there and check it out!

There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 


The Niche of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt: Part One


The Niche of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt: Part Two


The Niche of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt: Part Three




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