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Press Release Cairo:

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Since our books are in many ways developed to bridge the gap between many groups, and to dispel rumor, myth, and hearsay in mythical, academic, and religious pursuits we will often issue "multiple" press releases to reach special sectors of the adventurous public.  Here are some of the releases by "Sector":

Cairo/Egypt Based Release (Cairo, Egypt, March 2007)


“Great Pyramid” Mystery Resolved and Explained Through Release of Ancient Text/Wisdom

Cairo, Egypt - March 2007 - The secrets to HOW and WHY the Great Pyramid (on the Giza Plateau, Egypt) was built, have been discovered, and a challenge is issued to anyone, anywhere who can successfully challenge any aspect of the lift/build concept.   The last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world was designed for a specific purpose, in a specific place, and by an incredible plan to serve an ancient community and mystify the world for thousands of years.  The build-up, development, and decline of the mysterious structure are now being released in part in a FREE electronic book at www.SolomonSeries.com to allow quick, simple worldwide distribution, and analysis.  The book is called:  The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.  Through the same system using the wisdom found in Ancient Texts the Author is releasing cutting edge concepts on the actual time of construction, name and identity of the face on the Great Sphinx, proving that all things are possible.

Armed with special guidance through Ancient Texts from The Great Architect, a theology student discovers not only how and why the structure at Giza was built, but further explains the Scriptural significance (or lack of significance) in a uniquely accurate manner, never seen before.  

The support of physical evidence never before used in this type of research, will amaze seekers of ancient truths, thus opening the doors for more breakthroughs and explanations.  From a technical/engineering perspective the breakthrough on the ancient technology and utilization of resources is amazing.  A simple form of working model is described and presented as a proof in order to make this an “easy to read” concept for anyone.  A series of similar texts (volumes) are scheduled for future release increasing the revelation with more of the depth and scope of design.

From a spiritual perspective the impact is out of this world.  By revealing a substance and a force never imagined in past explorations, the theory of supernatural or unseen forces is demonstrated in a way that not only amazed the world 4500 years ago, but have mystified researchers in present day.  For those in search of answers to ancient mysteries, the system and concepts provided in this insightful release could be the guidance needed to solve your next great mystery.  Key to this discovery is learning to prove the presence of things we could not see before.  The unseen resources and design of the structure provides answers to solving the mystery of HOW and WHY the last remaining of the SEVEN WONDERS of the Ancient World was erected, directed, and abandoned. Spooky?  Spiritual?  Not hardly.  This is a level headed approach to technology long since abandoned, but well understood.

Would it interest the world to finally “know” that the structures were NOT built by Hebrew slaves?  What if we were to prove that Abraham (Ibrahim) himself visited these structures?  What if Joseph (Yusef) himself visited these structures?  What if these structures “pre-date” the ancient scriptures, BUT actually have significance to the prophets, the patriarchs, and others referred to in the Holy Books?

Since modern man does not know how/why to conventionally start a project like building a pyramid, wisdom would tell us to seek the end, and work backgrounds to a foundation on the rock.  The damage assessment of the site included at no charge in a future release, and a study of resource allocation reveals the “key” to solving the situation is being able to know what was at the site before the decline.  See the FREE ONLINE book The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved at www.SolomonSeries.com .


Pictures and evidence to be released with the book will likely defy myth and legend of the past, revealing truths buried in the desert.




About the Author:


The discovery is being unearthed online at no charge in an electronic book (PDF file), available at www.SolomonSeries.com .  Research was conducted by challenging the ancient religious texts to line-up scientifically, but checking scientific studies and lining them up Scripturally.  The author of the text is on assignment in Egypt conducting mobilization and exploration projects for industrial interests.  Equipped with a transportation degree, a risk management (loss investigation) background, an MBA to cover the economic issues, and while working on a Doctorate in Ancient Religions and Studies, the author/teacher, Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, reveals how the structure was built by starting at the top and working to the bottom, as if it were being peeled like a banana. 



About the Publisher:

This book series is being launched with assistance from book publishing company, Heritage Ink, Inc. 2933 Madison Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 USA


This free book release and the team’s other discoveries at: www.BiblePlumbLine.com or at www.SolomonSeries.com .


Interview/Press Contact: Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

Telephone: 850-685-2353






The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved

Post Office Box 158

Chipley, Florida USA  32428





Administrative Contact:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida USA 32428







Note:  Complimentary copies of the paperback book(s) in this series will be made available at the time of printing to select reporting groups and individuals for review.


Phone 1-850-685-2353

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Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!  




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