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Since our books are in many ways developed to bridge the gap between many groups, and to dispel rumor, myth, and hearsay in mythical, academic, and religious pursuits we will often issue "multiple" press releases to reach special sectors of the adventurous public.  Here are some of the releases by "Sector":



WFECA/Washington County News/Bugle/Panama City News Herald/Dothan Eagle/Tallahassee Democrat

Northwest Florida Native Solves Egyptian Pyramid Mystery

Chipley, Florida - March 2007 - The secrets of HOW and WHY the “Great Pyramid” (on the Giza Plateau, Egypt) was built, have been discovered.    The secret is revealed by a native of Northwest Florida who applied simple “fish pond” concepts to desert construction.  What past researchers have often failed to realize is that ancient Egyptians and the pharaohs had to employ practical water borne principles as someone would who lived on a river.  In essence the ancient Egyptian environment was a sandy place with lime rock plates and a river running through it.  Under the right conditions the area of the pyramids would be a bit like northwest Florida today. The ancient Egyptians were really not “desert dwellers” as we suppose.  They transited the desert in order to rest and reside near the water.  These people actually lived in an economy that was based and focused totally on the river and water borne transportation projects.  As they lived on the edge of the deserts in Egypt, they also lived on the edge of water, and may have understood the use of water, boats, barges, and float techniques better than we ever suspected.  Armed with special guidance through ancient texts from The Great Architect, and a working knowledge of surface water operations, Captain Ted Whidden

discovers not only how and why the structure at Giza was built, but further explains the technological and Biblical significance (or lack of significance) in a uniquely accurate manner, never seen before.   

The last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world was designed for a specific purpose, in a specific place, and by an incredible plan to serve an ancient community and mystify the world for thousands of years.  The key missed by millions of people for thousands of years is that two major elements to the mobilization of products in the area are missing as a result of history/deterioration.  Once the evidence is revealed and theoretically replaced on the site, all the mysteries are easily addressed.  Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden from Chipley, Florida has been allowed to solve the mystery.   The build-up, development, and decline of the mysterious structure are now being released for free in an electronic book at  The book is to be released in simple pdf format to facilitate quick, simple distribution, and analysis.  The book is called:  The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved. 

Through the same system using the wisdom found in Ancient Texts, the Author is releasing cutting edge theory on the actual name and identity of the face on the Great Sphinx, proving that all things are possible.   This discovery naturally leads to historical exposure of issues and events leading to common stories, myth, and legend.   The support of physical evidence never before used in this type of research, will amaze seekers of ancient truths, thus opening the doors for more mystical breakthroughs and explanations. This breakthrough may change the way people view the “pyramid” on the back of their dollar bills!

Since we do not know how/why to conventionally start a project like building a pyramid, wisdom would tell us to seek the end, and work backgrounds to a foundation on the rock.  The damage assessment of the site (In Volume Two of the free book series) and resource allocation reveals the key to solving the situation is being able to know what was at the site before the decline.  See the FREE ONLINE book The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved at .

Pictures and evidence to be released with the book will likely defy myth and legend of the past, revealing truths buried in the desert.

About the Author:   The discovery is being unearthed online at no charge in an electronic book (PDF file), available at .  The author who wrote this text, is on short term assignment in Egypt conducting high risk mobilization and exploration projects for marine consulting issues in the offshore oil industry.  His exploration and mobilization experience in the offshore oil fields gave him a unique perspective on resources not presently seen on Giza Plateau the site, but in abundance when one understands three simple things:  Limestone, Sand, and Water.  Equipped with a transportation degree (USMMA, Kings Point 1985), a risk management (loss investigation) background, an MBA (From the University of Houston) to cover the economic issues, and while working on a Doctorate in the study of Ancient Texts, and with support from friends at the author/teacher Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden reveals how the structure was built by starting at the top and working to the bottom, as if it were being peeled like a banana. 

This free book release and the team’s other discoveries at: or at 

Interview/Press Contact: Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

Telephone: 850-685-2353 ,  

THE SOLOMON SERIES , Post Office Box 158 , Chipley, Florida USA  32428



Administrative Contact:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

P.O.Box 158

Chipley, Florida USA 32428


Note:  Complimentary copies of the paperback book(s) in this series will be made available at the time of printing to select reporting groups and individuals for review.


About the Publisher: This book series is being launched with assistance from a Christian book publishing company, Heritage Ink, Inc. 2933 Madison Street, Marianna, Florida 32446 USA, Phone: 850-526-2617


Phone 1-850-685-2353

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