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Since our books are in many ways developed to bridge the gap between many groups, and to dispel rumor, myth, and hearsay in mythical, academic, and religious pursuits we will often issue "multiple" press releases to reach special sectors of the adventurous public.  Here is a releases during the "energy disaster" of 2008:

Mobile, Alabama Based Release (USA, July 2008)



Mobile, Alabama July 16, 2008  Emerging from the shadows of Albert Einstein who served as mentor/idol of a re-known physicist community, a teacher and student of great knowledge releases ground-breaking study in renewable energy.  “Amidst chaos and confusion in the world, peace and plenty can be found,” advises re-known science theorist and researcher T.L.Whidden.  Whidden reveals that during a study in ancient “secrets” and pursuits in the Middle East he discovered concepts and wisdom that helped the early “Alchemists” achieve the ‘perception’ of power.  The Alchemists who may have been the earliest of snake oil salesmen worked diligently painting pictures, illusions and deceptions for their would-be victims.  Meanwhile, often powerful truths are hidden in the illusions of the past.

The Wisdom Team found at tackle age old problems, and release the secrets often at no cost for the world to observe progress in motion.  The progress in motion revealed herein are ancient secrets for perpetuity discovered back when mankind thought there was an eternity and a “god” in the heavens.  In order to create the illusion of internal/external power the “Alchemists” may have misled their public to demonstrate perceived wisdom, knowledge, and power they did not have.  In so doing, they may have stumbled on a few “magician tricks” that can be expanded in size by way of greater knowledge and technology available today, then the “illusions” of yesterday can become the science of the future.  Much the way “Star-Trek” in the ‘60’s foretold futuristic technology, the ancient Egyptians developed techniques to demonstrate what would be harnessed and available to future generations.  Due to limitations in the environment of the ancients at the time this science was never properly developed.   Limitations in the environment and a world of “plenty” precluded rapid growth and expansion of a type of “science” conventional wisdom fails to recognize.  Time has passed, knowledge is increasing on the earth, and today we can develop and enhance what was overlooked by past developers.

At no cost whatsoever modern science releases the core elements needed to discover and develop Eternal Motion or Perpetual Motion theory.  To this point in time the core breakthrough technology has been lacking.  Much the way Einstein’s E=MCsquared broke open the discovery of explosive technologies, our author releases the basic rules, models and concepts of Perpetuity online, thus over-coming mental blocks by those who trip over the concept of conventional limitations in engineering studies.  The time has come to break free from those who market energies for sale.  The day for the release of free renewable energy is upon us.  Download the report and documents at no charge at .  Seek “FREE STUFF - Perpetuity and the Eternal”.

About the Author:

The discovery is being unearthed online at no charge in an electronic book (PDF file), available at  .  The author, physicist, and energy consultant took part in this study while on assignment in Egypt conducting projects for fluid mechanics studies.  His exploration and mobilization experience in the offshore oil fields gave him a unique perspective on resources not presently seen on the original test site, but in abundance when one understands some simple environmental concepts of balance.  Solving problems of Biblical proportion for a starving world is a passion of the author/team.

This find and the team’s other discoveries will be made available for no charge at:  

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