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One aspect of our plan is to create a "think tank" type release to help people to see through myth, mystery and mysticism to arrive at greater truths quickly and efficiently.  Many of our media and book releases will be free, but occasionally a product will require a form of payment so that our research can remain well funded.  (Details to follow!)  Go to our other Book Store site and sign up for the "Affiliate" program, at

We have available many referral arrangements to serve your needs, so please be patient.  Select one or more, but realize each of the following are "stand alone" services.  You can affiliate with any or all as you choose, and we will reciprocate "in kind".
1)  For those who wish to become resellers/distributors of our books.  We will make bulk purchases available to you at up to one half of "list price", when you buy single titles by the box.  This allows us to reduce handling costs, and allows you to double your investment in our books.  Affiliate program is found at .
2)  If a store, website, outlet, church, or group wishes to buy multiple titles in bulk, then a favorable rate may be made available, but it is preferred to purchase complete, sealed boxes to lower our handling costs.
3)  Those who partner with us in any manner will be receiving information we release sooner than all others.  This will be conducted through our "Think tank" listed above.  Affiliate program is found at .

4)  For those who want to be distributors of our Materials and Tools, we encourage you to link directly to the order page found at: .  If you advertise this on your site, and link to our site we will make our publications available to you sooner.  Once you set-up the links/advertisement from your site, let us know and we will check the link(s), and add you to the "insider" list.

5)  Join our "Wisdom Team" for updates.  This will allow us to keep our partners and friends updated on a multitude of developmental outreaches.  We also hope to help/bless other grounded outreach programs to expand the Kingdom Reach with wisdom and purpose.  Affiliate program is found at

To "connect" with us as as reseller or affiliate go to
Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 
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You may also go to our online system for free electronic downloads, or for books in print purchase products as they are available.  Go to "Materials and Tools" to get the project started.

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