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We hope to spread great and simple truths wider and farther, bringing the world into a "brighter" future.  We hope to follow through with additional texts in this manner, and will be addressing both questions and answers of our readers in future volumes.  
Herein we are releasing Volumes One, Two, and Three of the "The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved"............It would be helpful in funding the project if people would begin to pre-purchase copies of the printed version.  This will help us to develop larger research teams, and gain deeper depth in the discoveries.  We will provide greater insights, photographic evidence, and other opportunities to those who sow into this work financially.

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Where were pharaohs/kings of Egypt buried and why?  If they were buried in obscure places and believed to be �gods�, then why would we think that pyramids were burial areas?

Celestial observation tubes or channels are said to be in the Great Pyramid.  Would you like to see the stars through these tubes?

The chamber labeled �King�s Chamber� of the Great Pyramid holds the attention and imagination of many.  What would happen if we took a sober look at the room and the fittings?

What are the Relieving Chambers of the Great Pyramid? Why are they there?

Some people tell us there is a special shadow effect or "marking of the equinox" phenomena associated with the Great Pyramid.  Here we reveal how you can determine if they are telling the truth or not.  This basic theory works in ALL pyramids no matter where in the world they are.  Check it out!  Have you seen the Equinox/Celestial Shadows tool for Pyramids? 

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There are shifts in the sizes of the rocks used in the Great Pyramid. The bottom rocks are large then as one goes higher the rocks get smaller, THEN they get big again, then small again.  This process is repeated 30 times!  Do you know why?  We do!  Have you seen Ted Whidden's "Lift Shift" drawing and Pyramid Overlays?  Download now!  Pyramid Drawing.pdf .........Or go to 

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Have you heard that the Sphinx/Pyramids are from the period of Atlantis?  Would it surprise you if evidence is readily available all over to clarify this perception?  Have you seen the "Atlantis/Water Erosion Expose�"?  The theory of Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University is addressed, as well as other theories.

Many people talk and teach about slaves and sleds used in pyramid construction.  What they fail to acknowledge is the obvious existence of "rock tumbling" tools and indications all over the east side of the Great Pyramid plaza area.  Have you seen the "Flip-Flop" stone tumbling technique on this page?

People have professed �ramp� theories for years in part because they missed the lift device on the East Side.  Have you seen the heavy lift tools or "Elevator" on the east side of the Great Pyramid? This is the simple explanation of the Whidden Cavity (Named after the author of our books) and its purpose on the east side of the Great Pyramid. 

Have you ever heard the myths/lies about the "antechamber" or "portocullis" of the "King's Chamber"?  The "antechamber" is potentially the most important structural component of the Great Pyramid, yet it is the least addressed and is the least understood.  Step into new knowledge with this download.  Learn the truth and beginning at this webpage link and following through to our free eBook series will help. 

Have you ever heard the wild speculation about the "niche" of the "Queen's chamber" of the Great Pyramid?  Would you like to know the truth?  Check it out at

Have you ever really explored the �subterranean� chamber of the Great Pyramid?  Would you recognize the myth/legends of old if/when you did explore it?  Take a level-headed look at the old reservoir under the Great Pyramid:

In our Volume Five of The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved we reveal who is the face of the Sphinx, and why it would be this person.  What we see in the following link is more information demonstrating hoax and illusions of the past.

The Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid and the ramps within it have posed many a problem/difficulty for modern studies of the ancients.  If you were shown the truth would you recognize it?

Aerial Images of the Giza Plateau (Gizeh Plateau, Egypt).

French Architect Jean-Perre Houdin posts/promotes a Spiral Ramp Theory at the Great Pyramid

Steven Myers promotes his �Pyramid Pump� theory at ��.  We question:

Some Bible Theorists Claim/Believe the Isaiah 19 Prophecy refers to the Great Pyramid.  What could it be?  Could it be now?

The King's Chamber Sarcophagus.  The coffer or coffin of a King or could it be something else?

The Solar Boat of Giza Egypt.  It sits adjacent to the Great Pyramid, but why?  Here are some videos that may help until we can post our findings.

There are Natural Corners, hills, and cut out steps at Giza.  Are you aware that many of the lower stones of the Great Pyramid were not "moved" but rather carved out from the local terrain?

Have you ever wondered about the "flawless" stone work and the locations of the quarries in Egypt?

There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Here is a list of free PDF drawings currently available at our website 



3) AND  Equinox_Diagram_Final-Model.pdf



6) VIEW OF WH-Model.pdf

7) VIEWS OF WH-Model.pdf

8) VIEW OF THE WH-Model.pdf

9) ante-Chamber-8.pdf

10) ante-Chamber-7.pdf

11) ante-Chamber-6.pdf

12) ante-Chamber-5.pdf

13) ante-Chamber-4.pdf

14) ante-Chamber-3.pdf

15) ante-Chamber-2.pdf

16) ante-Chamber-1.pdf




The above drawings were posted on/by end of August 2007 and made public at that time.  Go to to get more downloads and to learn how the pyramids were really built.

The following drawing sets (20-28) are being made public October 2007.

20)  Ted_Whidden's_Fulcrum_Stones-Model.pdf

21)  SEE IT HERE FIRST!  The Antechamber expanded view in color!   Central Lift

22)  Antechamber sketches:  Ante-chamber__page_1.pdf,    Ante-Chamber_page_2-Model.pdf Ante-Chamber_page_3-Model.pdfAnte-Chamber_page_4.pdfAnte-Chamber_page_5.pdfAnte-Chamber_page_6.pdf, Ante-Chamber-Model.pdf,   2D_model_with_text.pdf

23)  Aerial Labeled:  aerial.pdf,  Aerial View without labels Aerial Only

24)  Spaces TO BE DISCOVERED!!!  (Predictions based on engineering studies) See it here first!  ctbd-1-1.pdfctbd-1-2.pdf ctbd-1-3.pdf

25)  First Tier Theoreticals:  FTT-1.pdf FTT-2.pdf

26)  Theoretical Lift Shifts:  LS-1.pdf LS-2.pdf

27)  Theoretical Containment (From Perpetual Motion Studies):  TC-1.pdf TC-2.pdf

28)  Theoretical Spiral Staircase Conceptuals:  TS-1.pdf TS-2.pdf

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 

Within a few days we will insert the key, and turn the lock to solving the greatest Bible mystery the world has ever known.  Tell your friends to check it out!




Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 

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You may also go to our online system for free electronic downloads, or for books in print purchase products as they are available.  Go to "Materials and Tools" to get the project started.

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