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What we have attempted (sort of) is sort the videos and group them by topical matter.  Understand the labels, titles and sorting is not perfect.  You may find videos of interest under each of the title/links.  You will also find that many videos cover multiple topics, but for one reason or another we classified it under one category.  Watch several, tell your friends, make comments, send us your questions or concerns.

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What is the video library?



1)   First time release perspectives of truth on the Giza Plateau of Egypt.

2)   There are naturally existing hills and issues at Giza that helped build the Pyramids.  Why haven't we ever seen this before?

3)    Exploring the ideas of imported stone and flawless stone work at Giza and the Egyptian Pyramids (Great Pyramid construction)

4)   New Pyramid releases (December 2008)

5)   Great releases on the Second Pyramid of Egypt.  (December 2008)

6)   The Solar Boat of Egypt (Giza, Plateau) (December 2008 release)

7)   New Revelation and Views of the Great Sphinx of Egypt, Guardian of Giza.

8)  Great Pyramid Spaces to be Found in the Future!

9)  Ancient Egyptian Designs, Engineering and Alchemy (Part One) (Includes intros to the Whidden Cavity)

10)  Ancient Egyptian Designs, Engineering and Alchemy (Part Two) (Includes intros to the Lift Shift Drawings)

11)  Pharaoh Tombs of Egypt

12)  Pyramid Construction in Egypt

13)  Ancient Egyptian Secrets revealed as once hidden

14)  Amazing Pyramid Releases.  Amazingly simple science (Bath Tub Physics) that shows so many answers.  Do not miss it!  CLICK HERE!

15)  (Links) Aerials, Flyovers, Views from Above, God's View of Egypt.

16)  Aerials, Flyovers, Views from Above, God's View of Egypt

17)  The Great Pyramid Grand Gallery Views

18)  The Great Pyramid Stone Movements (Part 7)

19)  The Great Pyramid views, Secrets revealed,

20)  The Great Pyramid views from horseback in the desert. Including the Guardian of Giza/Great Sphinx.

21)  The Great Pyramid Antechamber Views

22)  The Sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid (Page under construction)

23)  The Great Pyramid Ramp theory (Page under construction)

24)  Great Pyramid Sub-Terranean Chambers, Sphinx, Erosion issues.

25)  Beginning of the Pyramid Construction.

26)  The Great Pyramid: Queen's Chamber Niche

27)  The Great Pyramid: Subterranean Chamber

28)  The Great Pyramid Relieving Chambers

29)  New Science Releases (New Age?) on the Great Pyramid and Ancient Egypt  (includes intros to "Water ram" theory of the Great Pyramid)

30)   Let's "Face it" we have never seen all the sides of the Great Pyramid.  What do they look like?

31)  Views of the Pyramids of Egypt, Giza Plateau and such as you have never seen before.

32)   Quarry region (Some of them) for the Great Pyramid of Egypt

33)   Ancient Wisdom if found in Simple Science like "Bath-tub Physics"

34)   Jean Pierre Houdin's Spiral Ramp Theory, Dassault Systemes

35)   Antechamber

36)  Age of the Pyramids

37)  Jean Pierre Houdin and Dassault Systemes of France



1)  Secrets of Society

2)  FreeMasonry

3)  Freemasonry

4)  Coral Castle (Initial)



1)  Angels 

2)  Angels, Jinns, Annunaki, Nabiru, Demons, Atlantis, and more.



1)  Knowing Jesus Christ Messiah

2)  Biblical Alignment Research

3)  Biblical Alignment Research (continued)

4)  Bible Time Line Issues

5)    Plagiarism and "Copycat" issues of the Bible and Biblical Stories. Part One.

6)    Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadrezzar and Biblical King issues concerning Babylon and places thereabouts.


8)  Hebrew and Biblical Study releases (Part One, simple series)

9)  Powerful (simple) proofs of the Ages releasing a New Perspective bringing the light of truth to the masses.

10)  Hammurabi's Code

11)  Solomon's Temple Releases

12)  More Solomon's Temple Releases.  NEW Oct 2008

13)  Ancient Tombs of the Near East, Middle East, Etc. (Alexander the Great)

14)  Ancient Religions:  What is Religion?

15)  Ark of the Covenant (Continued)

16)  Celestial Phenomena of the Bible

17)   Tower of Babel

18)   Religion

19)   End of Time: TheYear 2012

20)   Semitic Issues of History

21)   Church

22)   Mythology and the Bible

23)   Mechanics/Biblical Mechanics Basic

24)  Bible Conflicts

25)  Bible Prophecy

26)  Biblical issues, ideas, and thoughts.

27)  Whores, Harlots and Prostitutes of the Bible



1)  Islamic Teachings/Corrections? and Muslim oversights



1)  Touring The Middle East and Egypt

2)  Touring the Middle East and Egypt (continued)

3)  Egyptian Views 

4)  Constantinople

5)  Church scenes (Saint Sophia Chapel/Church/Iglesia/Eglesia) in Istanbul/Constantinople

6)  Africa

7)  Ancient Tombs of the Near East, Middle East, Etc. (Alexander the Great)

8)   Views of Sinai, Sinai Desert and the land of Zin/Sin/Cenai.



1)  Hittites, Hittology, Hittologists, Scenes from Hattusas, Hattusha

2)  Ancient Roman, Hittite, Anatolian, Mesopotamian, Greek Releases.

3)  Hittites and Hittology


1)   The Freeman Perspective Interviews (October 2008, released Dec 2008)

2)  The Freeman Perspective TV Show Interviews

3)  FreemanTV Interviews regarding the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt

4)  The Freeman Perspective from Austin

Texas.  Live Interviews

5)  The Freeman Perspective on Egypt and Egyptian Pyramids



1)  Out of the Box TV Interviews regarding Biblical Prophecies,

2)  Out of the Box TV Interviews regarding Isaiah 19 Prophesies and more



1)  Ancient South American ruins and Old Europe.

2)    Images of the Louvre in Paris, France.  The Museum, the exhibits, a few points of interest.



1)  Research and Science foray

2)  New Science Releases (New Age?) on the Great Pyramid and Ancient Egypt  (includes intros to "Water ram" theory of the Great Pyramid)

3)  Evolutions Theory



1)  Helicopters (Australia)

2)  Helicopters Two

3)  Helicopters Three

4)  Helicopters Four



1)  Helicopter Views

2)  Offshore Views

3)  Louisiana Links: Views from the air, the swamps, the boats, the alligators!

4)  Louisiana Swamp Images



1)  Australia and the Outback

2)  Australian Barramundi Fish

3)  Darwin, Australia

4)  Evolution, Aborigines, Crocodiles of Australia

5)  Crocodiles, Crocodile Attacks

6)  Crocodiles, Attacks, Information

7)   Darwin, Australia World War 2 Videos



1)  Business Investment Ideas

2)  Business Investment Ideas and Strategies



1)  Belly Dance Videos from Turkey, Lebanon, Arab areas, CLICK HERE For Belly Dance Library. 

2)  Bloopers/mistakes and silly stuff.

3)  Simple Science Videos and Ideas

4)  Simple Science Solves Mysteries (Part Two)

5)  New Science

6)  Test Video Equipment

7)  Animals

8)  Albert Einstein

9)  Civil War footage

10)  Odd stuff


What is the Video Library?





Why do people need to encourage comments on Videos on Youtube, Tangle, Etc.






Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 

Within a few days we will insert the key, and turn the lock to solving the greatest Bible mystery the world has ever known.  Tell your friends to check it out!




Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 


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You may also go to our online system for free electronic downloads, or for books in print purchase products as they are available.  Go to "Materials and Tools" to get the project started.
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Welcome To SolomonSeries.com, Setting Captives Free

SolomonSeries.com Building a Better Informed World!

DUE TO A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT OUR FOUNDER AND FUNDER HAS BEEN IN RECOVERY FOR FIVE+ YEARS. OUR PROJECTS HAVE BEEN DELAYED. It appears a plot to prevent our information releases has been hampered, but not thwarted. We need your help to spread the good news and get things back on track.

There are forces who do not want you to know what we know. Tell your friends. Help them to overcome darkness.

We are NOW SELLING PYRAMID BOOKS at www.TheBrainCan.com .Go there, get books, and read about the amazing recovery efforts! We have also launched an ancient "Alchemist's" approach to wellness and healing. The world can be set free of pain and sickness for pennies, but no one wants you to know how. Our book release at www.TheBrainCan.com titled THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION will set people free.


We thank you for accessing the system for The Solomon Series for solving your medical, historical, scientific, theological and Biblical mysteries. Our focus for a period of time was ancient Egypt. Since the foundations of civilization, engineering, alchemy, science, and Bible all appear to have began in this region, it seemed reasonable to begin there to flesh out the similarities and confusion/deceptions sown in to the thoughts of the ages. Unfortunately traditions have misled us in many forms of teaching/learning. What we find is that often researchers of the past made a "leap of faith" stating hypothesis as if it were true. We check to see where they erred, and the results are astounding.

We have a book series/project that we need to begin promoting (someday soon).  Much of what we do is offered for free so that you can see how/where we are all heading.  We allow web visitors to pre-purchase books prior to going to print.  When we get it all together we will be sending the books to those early investors first, PLUS bonus DVD's and other tools to those who help us get this part off the ground.

Click Here for Video Library

Click Here to access Our Initial Proofs and Studies The journey began in a pursuit of academic curiosity asking simple questions as to why the questions of the ages had not been answered.  As we fumbled in the dark with the masses of humanity, we asked how can the men of science (philosophy, theology, archaeology, Egyptology, etc) tell us where we are "going", when they cannot tell us where we have BEEN?  Ancient mysteries can be mystic or we can recognize the absence of knowledge as ignorance....Think about it....Often if something is mystic or spooky it is just a result of a lack of understanding.  Our team solves ancient mysteries and provides a solid platform of truth for future breakthroughs. As an example of the simplistic way to solve what is perceived as complicated problems our author/founder solves the core issues of pyramid construction and "Perpetuity/Eternal" herein.  Test the theory, spirit, concept, or whatever you wish to call it. (If there is any problem downloading this earth moving revelation send us an e-mail and we'll get it to you.We "rock" the world because we can.)

Our team is not only credited with completing the only seamless,accurate,and plausible Great Pyramid construction theory, but in due time we will reveal additional "breaks" and breakdowns in academic "theory" that keeps us off the path of truth.  By fleshing out the many "theories" of those who have never conducted proper research, we often find amazing truths hidden in plain view for the world to see.

As you will see our studies helped us to locate the actual walls of ancient Jerusalem (As described in Nehemiah 3), the Temple of Solomon (I Kings 6,7,8), the Millo, house of Solomon's wife (pharaoh's daughter), and the tomb of Joseph (Prime Minister of Egypt), AND MUCH MORE.  History, science, archaeology, Egyptology, theology are a piece of cake when you work from a position seeking truth and truth only.  Is it wrong to seek truth and truth only?  Why not expose (and throw out) the deception?  Theorists around the world since the beginning of time have developed mystic theories without solid foundations of truth.

We encourage you to download our pyramid drawings, proofs, photos, and electronic books and share them with others.  Our electronic resources have been developed so you could share them easily.  The presentation may not be perfect, but the theory is without flaw.

As we spread the word, we hope to get feedback from our readers, writers,friends, and critics.  We begin the journey by revealing secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza hidden in plain view of the world for 4000+ years.

Moving forward we intend to roll out a series of Biblical alignment (time line) studies that have been hidden since the beginning of time.  It is not difficult typically for a reasonable person to challenge theological time line studies. This should not bring into question study of the Ancient Biblical texts, but rather should cause us to re-assess conventional theological approaches that to date have not provided a shred of significant "Old Testament" proof (Archaeologically, scientifically, or historically).  This should not shake our faith in the Bible, but should challenge the leaders to get their act together and begin learning the truth.  We demonstrate accurate alignment overlooked by theologians of the past because they were blinded by traditional mythology developed when they had no better answers.  Meanwhile, according to the Biblical teaching the TRUTH will set you free, not traditions of man.  The Bible itself advises that knowledge will "increase" in the last days.  In order for it to increase, then we must be lacking some "insight".  It is coming, read on!

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth. Ask, seek, knock!


Phone 1-850-685-2353 You may also go to our online system for free electronic downloads, or for books in print purchase products as they are available. Go to "Materials and Tools" to get the project started. Book Store page for www.TheBrainCan.com YOUTUBE page for www.youtube.com/SolomonSeries Follow the Development via www.twitter.com/solomonseries


Subjects Covered within this site include:  @TedWhidden, @TheBrainCan, @SolomonSeries, @DocConspiracy, #Egypt, #Egyptian, #Great Pyramid, #Giza Plateau, #Giza Pyramids, #Pyramid Drawings, #Pyramid Sketches, #Pyramid Theory, #Pyramid Construction, #Pyramid Tombs, #Pyramidology, #Pyramid Alignments, #Pyramid Mystery, #celestial alignments, #Pyramid Mystery, #Great Pyramid Solved, #Khufu, #Cheops, #Khafre, #Robert Schoch, #Professor Robert Schoch, #Jean-Pierre Houdin, #Steven Myers, #Ron Wyatt, #Sir Flinders Petrie, #William Petrie, #Edgar Cayce, #Egyptian Archaeology, #Egyptian Pyramids, #Egyptian Pharaohs, #Ancient Egypt, #Pyramid Text, #Great Architect, #Freemason, #Freemasonry, #archeology, #Egyptology, #Sphinx, #Great Sphinx, #Atlantis, #Atlantean, #Conspiracy, #Zahi Hawass, #NatGeo

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